Science and Popular Culture: HSCI 2133

Science and Popular Culture: Welcome to the class wiki for hsci 2133!

This is a real digital workspace for our class, one where we can gather together some of our exploratory research and easily access it, share it, and keep it alive for future groups to learn from and contribute to.


Are you new to wikis? Here is a well-explained video of the concept, and how you will get around in this site and post your material:

:: "Wikis in Plain English

Our current research project is:

"Hippies, Nerds, and Making Technology Personal: American Culture and the Whole Earth Catalogs (1968-1980)"


We'll be sampling material from four of the Whole Earth Catalogs to create a set of resources -- documents, pictures, links, blog posts -- exploring how efforts to bring new choices about technology and culture to regular people were meant to transform society, and how it is that the emergence and uptake of the personal computer became part of that movement.

The link to the introductory page for the Whole Earth Catalog assignment.